We don't have any fancy/trendy names for ourselves, we are just simply a crazy and passionate Jr High and High School Youth Group and we love it.  Here at Youth Group, we hang out, play games, worship, learn about God, and pursue HIM with everything we have. We meet regularly twice a week on Sundays and Wednesdays, and also do other fun things too throughout the year, like overnighters, scavenger hunts, and camping trips. 

Wednesday Nights

6:30pm-8:00pm || 1492 East Ave in the Life center

Wednesday Nights are the best. They are everything from zany, goofy, fun, passionate, worshipful, and prayerful, and truth-full. 

Sunday Night Service

After worship || the ROCK

Sunday nights, the Youth Group worships with the church, then breaks out during the message to have our own talk. 

Can My 6th grader come?

We welcome new 6th graders beginning January of their 6th grade year. Prior to January, 6th graders are a part of the K-6th Sunday School class.